The following activities were held between 2005 and 2009.

Alpha Company forming part of 2/17 RNSWR Guard at the Garrison Church 2005 Alpha Company

P and D RFD 2006 Reserve Forces Day 2006
Keith Payne RFD 2006 Newcastle RFD 2006

Light Horse Carriers
The Old The Nearly New (for some of us)
The Association The Association on the March
The Association The Association on the March
The Banner Standard RFD 2007

The Association Banner Banner Party (Standard on the Right)
Pipe Major's Toast Roger Springer Bill King
Pipe Majors' Toast Piper Roger Springer Farewell Bill King

Gemas Day 2007
2/30 Bn Veterans
Catafalque Party Wreath Laying
March Off


On Good Friday 2007, members of the Association attended a function at Richmond Air Force Base for families and friends of more than 100 Reservists from New South Wales who had been deployed overseas to the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI). Included in the contingent were 11 members of Alpha Company (Scottish) 2/17 RNSWR. Two of the officers had also served in Alpha Company

The deployment was history-making because it was, at that time, the largest independent deployment of NSW based Reservists since World War II.

The Reserve soldiers worked alongside personnel from New Zealand, Tonga and Papua New Guinea as they supported the Solomon Islands Police and participating Police Forces who are responsible for law and order in the Solomon Islands. The contingent, which was drawn from 8th and 5th Brigades of RNSWR, was highly skilled and comprised a headquarters and an infantry company supported by signallers, armoured corps personnel, engineers, drivers and medics.

The men and women who took part had undergone several weeks of intensive training at Canungra, Queensland and were well led, well trained and well equipped to undertake the task. Their commitment to the deployment was extremely high and very taxing. To be eligible, the soldiers had to have a very high level of physical fitness and display high levels of proficiency across their military skills

Anode Contingent

The Association members and their partners, pictured above with 8 of the A Company members and their partners, welcomed the opportunity to be able to farewell the young soldiers who are carrying on the Scottish traditions in New South Wales that have been such a source of inspiration to all of us.

LCPL Greg Smallwood sent the following photo of some of the Alpha Company members after their arrival in the Solomons.

Anode August 2007

ANZAC Day 2007

Although the weather was cold and rainy, the Association, with the Manly-Warringah Pipe Band and our own Pipes and Drums, numbered 120 marched on ANZAC Day 2007. Once again we are indebted to the Manly-Warringah Pipe Band for their continuing support.

80 members and their guests then enjoyed the traditional ANZAC Day Reunion at the RACA where they were entertained, as usual, by the Association's Pipes and Drums led by Pipe Major Bill Campbell

At the Reunion members farwelled Drummer Ross Hilton, and his wife Coral, who are "emigrating" to Queensland. Ross joined the 30th Bn Pipes and Drums, then served in RNSWR and and has been a stalwart in the Association Pipes and Drums since their formation

President Frank Woodhams also had the pleasant duty of announcing that on every Reserve Forces Day since inception the Association had received a certificate of excellence of some sort but at the 2006 Reserve Forces Day the Association had been judged the best unit on parade. The Reserve Forces Day Committee had acknowledged this with the presentation of the following Certificate:


As a consequence, Frank presented framed copies of the Award to the members of the Association judged to be most responsible for the excellence of the Association's turnout.

Certificates were presented to Pipe Major Bill Campbell, Association Sergeant-Major Mark Rickard, Secretary Don McNeice, Committeeman Barry Broadway, Colin Redshaw and Bob Cooke to acknowledge their contribution to the Association's turnout on the day.




About 40 members of the Association and partners/guests attended the RNSWR Church Parade at the Garrison Church on 24 June. As usual the NSW Scottish Association had the largest attendance, indeed other Associations were not in evidence at all.

The Association Pipes and Drums also attended and provided one of the musical items included in the Service and also had the honour of playing the Regiment's colours into and out of the Church

Pipes and Drums

Pipes and Drums at the Garrison Church

After the Service, members enjoyed a Haggis and chips lunch at the Lord Nelson Hotel

              Addressing the Haggis

RNSWR Church Pde 2007
Pipe Major Bill Campbell addressing the Haggis
Assisted by David Newell and James Malcolm

Photographs courtesy John Millard. The Haggis was supplied by Ron Layton's Butchery, Phone 9524 4513, specialists in Scottish fare.


At the Reserve Forces Day Council's Final Briefing Night for the 2007 Reserve Forces Day National Parade, the NSW Scottish Regimental Association paraded an Association Standard for the first time and was the first Association to do so.

The Standard was formally unfurled by the National and NSW Chairman, Sir Laurence Street AC, KCMG, QC at the function on 23rd May. In his address at the unfurling, Sir Laurence said:

"It is an honour for me to unfurl the NSW Scottish Regimental Association Standard. This Association Standard symbolically takes the place of the 30th Infantry Battalion Regimental Colour and is to be treated with the same degree of reverence. The Association Standard will be part of the Association Banner Party to be carried on all parades and displayed at Association functions. "

Sir Laurence added his congratulations to Frank Woodhams on the NSW Scottish being the first Association to obtain an Association Standard.

Unfurling the Standard

After unfurling, the Standard was paraded and displayed at the meeting

Displaying the Standard

In replying to Sir Laurence Street's remarks, Frank Woodhams said:

"The Association has intended for some time to obtain an Association Standard. It will balance our Banner Party with the Association Standard, the Association Banner and the Australian National Flag in front with members in re-enactment uniforms forming a guard directly behind the Banner Party. The Standard will be marched in and displayed at all the Association's functions. When we hold the 30th Infantry Battalions' Church Parades, the Standard will be marched into St Stephens Church and handed to the Minister to be displayed in Church during the service. Dark green was selected as it is the colour of the 30th Inf Bn Regimental Colour. When a Battalion is not designated a Royal battalion, the backgorund is dark green. A dark blue background is used for a Royal designated Regiment such as the RNSWR."

Welcoming the Standard

The first occasion on which the Standard was paraded publically was at the Reserve Forces Day National Parade on Sunday 1 July 2007 (see above for a report)

The Association Standard was provided by PHA Promotions and we are indebted to Elaine Wylde of PHA for her help and assistance in the design and manufacture.


About 50 members with the Pipes and Drums attended the annual 30 Battalions' Church Parade on 11 November. Also attending were 6 currently serving members of Alpha (Scottish) Company who provided the Standard Party and members of the 2/30 AIF Bn Association and the 30th Bn 1939-1945 Association. Unfortunately the numbers of the latter are diminishing with time and we were not able to share the occasion with as many of them as we have enjoyed doing in the past.

Following the service, members and their partners enjoyed the Association's end of year function at the RACA

Some of the highlights of the day were:

Pipes and Drums The Parade
The Pipes and Drums The Parade
Trooping The Parade
Trooping the Pipes and Drums The Standard Party
Pipes and Drums The Parade
Entertainment par excellence The New Generation


About 30 members and partners, with the Pipes and Drums, attended the 2008 Gemas day commemoration at Pymble on 13 January. This ceremony is conducted by the 2/30 Bn AIF Association to commemorate the battle at Gemas on 14 January 1942 at which the 2/30 Bn distinguished itself.

Some of the highlights of the day were:

Pipes and Drums The Parade
The Pipes and Drums The Memorial
Pipes and Drums The Parade
Laying Wreaths March Off
Pipes and Drums The Parade
The Purple and Gold Veterans


NSW Scottish Regimental Assocation was presented with the following Certificate:

RFD 2008

This is the second year in a row that the Association has been given the highest award for its performance at the Reserve Forces Day Parade.

Thanks for our success go to our ASM, Mark Rickard, Our Banner Party, Don McNeice(Commander), Peter Bryce (Australian Flag), Barry Broadway (Regimental Standard), Colin Redshaw and Darvill Malcolm (Regimental Banner), Bill Campbell, the Association Pipes and Drums and the Manly-Warringah Pipe Band and, of course, our members who marched as proudly as always. Adherence to the Parade Formation rules of the Association (see the Dress Page) was noted by the judging panel as one of the telling factors in awarding the day to the NSW Scottish.


The Association's Annual Meeting in conjunction with a Harbour Cruise was held in February. About 60 members enjoyed a day on Sydney Harbour, entertained royally, as usual, by the Pipes and Drums.

Highlights were:

Ann Meeting 2008 Ann Meeting 2008
The Annual Meeting (Starboard Side) The Annual Meeting (Port Side)
Ann Meeting 2008
Don McNeice presents Black Watch Medal to Frank Woodhams
Ann Meeting 2008 Ann Meeting 2008
Scottish Seafarers Part 1 Scottish Seafarers Part 2
Ann Meeting 2008 Ann Meeting 2008
The only time you will see the Pipes and Drums at sea Or under the Harbour Bridge
Ann Meeting 2008 Ann Meeting 2008
It's enough to make you dance for joy! We just can't get enough of them!

ANZAC Day 2008

About 110 members of the Association and Pipes and Drums marched on Anzac Day 2008. As the weather can only be described at best as "ordinary", the turnout was an exceptionally good one and thanks are due to all members who braved the weather on the day.

ANZAC Day 2008
The Banner Party
ANZAC Day 2008 ANZAC Day 2008
It was wet on the Start Line But got better as we moved off
ANZAC Day 2008
The Troops
ANZAC Day 2008 ANZAC Day 2008
ANZAC Day 2008 ANZAC Day 2008

Following the march about 80 members and wives/partners/friends enjoyed the Association's traditional reunion at the RAC

ANZAC Day 2008 ANZAC Day 2008
The Old and the New More of the New

Entertained as usual by the Pipes and Drums and enjoyed by all

ANZAC Day 2008 ANZAC Day 2008

The Association's success on Reserve Forces Day 2007 was recognised by presentations to those most responsible

ANZAC Day 2008
(Front) Pipe Major WO1 Bill Campbell, CPL Colin Redshaw, SGT Don McNeice, PTE Peter Bryce, CPL Barry Broadway (Back) SGT Darvill Malcolm, ASM WO2 Mark Rickard, with President MAJ Frank Woodhams

And then there was the fundraising

ANZAC Day 2008
Frank Woodhams, Barry Broadway and Mai Springer drawing her own ticket

Our thanks to Colin Podmore for his expert photography


About 40 members of the Association and Pipes and Drums attended the RNSWR Church Parade on 22 June and enjoyed what is now traditional, Haggis and Chips at the Lord Nelson Hotel in the Rocks

RNSWR Church Parade RNSWR Church Parade
A Coy Members on Parade And admired by the Governor
RNSWR Church Parade RNSWR Church Parade
Supported by our Pipes and Drums Who were also admired by the Governor
RNSWR Church Parade RNSWR Church Parade
The A Coy Members joined us As did some of the old brigade
RNSWR Church Parade RNSWR Church Parade
And some more Plus of course the Haggis


The Parade in Newcastle was smaller than in previous years, because no overseas visitors had been invited due to the emphasis on the 60th Anniversary Celebrations

Neverthless the Association was represented by 10 members and our Standard.

RFD 2008 Newcastle
The Newcastle Contingent

Photo by Judy Mayo


The 2008 Reserve Forces Day Parade also celebrated the 60th Anniversary of the re-formation of the Citizen Military Forces after World War 2 on 1 July 1948. Members who joined in 1948 were specially recognised in the Parade and by an invitation to a function in Government House held on 1st July.

The NSW Scottish Regimental Association members responded to the occasion by parading 120 members including 18 Original 1948 members and the Association Pipes and Drums, supported as usual by Manly-Warringah Pipe Band and by a contingent from Alpha Coy (Scottish).

The occasion was the first on which each Association paraded its Standard, a symbol now considered with the same reverence as the Regimental Colour of a serving unit. As usual the remainder followed the lead of the Scottish. We first paraded our Standard on Reserve Forces Day a year earlier. The Association Standards were trooped through the ranks prior taking their places at the lead of the various Associations.

RFD 2008 RFD2008
The Banner Trooping the Standards
RFD 2008 RFD2008
Led by our Pipes and Drums The Standards
RFD 2008
NSW Scottish on the march

After the Parade, the Association held its traditional Formal Lunch at the Royal Automobile Club, where 130 members and their guests participated in the usual traditions of a NSW Scottish Regiment Formal mess and were entertained by the Pipes and Drums


On 11 September the Association executive attended a meeting organised by the Reserve Forces Day Council at which the 2008 Reserve Forces Day activities were reviewed.

Members will recall that NSW Scottish was the first Association to parade a Standard, which we did at the 2007 Reserve Forces Day Parade

Following our initiative other Associations acquired Standards during 2008 and these were paraded for the first time on Reserve Forces Day this year,

To commemorate the occasion, the 2008 Standard Bearers from all Associations were presented with a certificate. Our Standard Bearer CPL Barry Broadway was one of those who received a Certificate and a photo of him receiving his Certificate from BRIG David Leese is shown below

RFD 2008 Standard Bearer

At the meeting preliminary plans for the 2009 Reserve Forces Day were revealed and members will be interested to know that the street march that has been the feature of Reserve Forces Day in the past will be replaced by a Parade and March Past in the Domain in Sydney. At that Parade Associations will form up in Brigade groups, according to the Brigades to which they belonged when serving. NSW Scottish will be part of the 8 Brigade group, to be commanded by BRIG David Leese, who is pictured presenting the Certificate to Barry Broadway.


On 12 August 2008 Association members were invited to Pymble to see a typical training night for Alpha Coy.

A number of members attended to support Frank Woodhams who presented a Cheque to the President of the Diggers' Club at Pymble to purchase a TV set for the Club. The Alpha Coy soldiers were also presented with a copy of each of two booklets produced by the Association.

The first of these booklets is the History of the Scottish Regiments in NSW, which traces the history of NSW Scottish Regiments from 1868, when the Duke of Edinburgh's Highlanders were formed, through the time of the Scottish Rifles from 1885 to 1912, the 30 Battalions in both World Wars, the 30th Battalion between the Wars and after WW2 and Alpha Coy since 1960. This booklet also contains a brief history of The Black Watch, the story of the Red Hackle and a summary of the correct way to wear The Black Watch uniform. It has been published to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the re-formation, 1948, of the 30th Battalion after World War 2.

It is intended that a copy of this booklet be presented to all members of Alpha Coy when they qualify as an infantryman and are issued with Scottish uniform.

The second booklet is a reprint of a booklet written by an ex-Commanding Officer of the Scottish Rifles and tells the story of Volunteer Reservists in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Both Booklets are available for purchase by members of the Association. See the Memorabilia Page or Contact Ian Meek.


The Annual 30 Battalions' Church Parade at St Stephens Uniting Church was held on Sunday 16 November. Sadly the numder of members of the 2/30 Battalion A.I.F Association and the 30 Battalion A.I.F. 1939-1945 who are able to attend the parade is decreasing and we were not able to welcome the numbers that we have greeted in the past. Nevertheless about 50 members of the the two World War 11 Associations, the NSW Scottish Regimental Association and the NSW Scottish Pipes and Drums led by Drum-Major Geoff Leigh and Pipe-Major Bill Campbell marched from the Archibald Fountain to the Church, where the service was conducted by Rev Dr Matthew Jack and the sermon given by Rev Dr George Stewart.

Church Parade 2008 Church Parade 2008
The Associations' Banners and Standard 30 Battalions March to Church

Church Parade 2008

30 Battalions on Parade

Following the Church Service, members repaired to the Royal Automobile Club for the NSW Scottish Regimental Association's End of Year Informal Luncheon where they were joined by partners and guests and welcomed by President Frank Woodhams.

Frank W

Church Parade 2008 Church Parade 2008
Church Parade 2008 Church Parade 2008

Church Parade 2008

and were royally entertained, as usual, by the Pipes and Drums

Church Parade 2008 Church Parade 2008

During their performance Bill Campbell introduced the latest member of the Pipes and Drums, Piper Dean Park (pictured below), who was born in Korea, came to Australia and thence to New Zealand where he leant to play the pipes and is now a welcome member of our Pipes and Drums.

Sean Park

Thanks to Graham Podmore for photos.


About 35 members and partners, with the Pipes and Drums, attended the 2009 Gemas day commemoration at Pymble on 18 January. This ceremony is conducted by the 2/30 Bn AIF Association to commemorate the battle at Gemas on 14 January 1942 at which the 2/30 Bn AIF defeated a Japanese force that was superior in numbers, being the first engagement by Austrailan forces with the Japanese in WW2 and the first defeat suffered by the Japanese.

Some of the highlights of the ceremony were:

Pipes and Drums The Parade
The Pipes and Drums leading members of the 2/30 and 2/15 RAA Assocations The Catafalque Party supplied by Alpha Coy 2/17 RNSWR
Pipes and Drums The Parade
The Memorial Laying of the Association wreath by Frank Woodhams and CAPT Adash Janiszewski, OC Alpha Coy
Pipes and Drums
March Off


Following the Reserve Forces Day Parade each year, the Reserve Forces Day Council awards certificates for various categories of Associations' perfomance on the Parade. The function to announce the 2008 awards was held on 26 March 2009. On this night it was announced that NSW Scottish Regimental Association had been judged Best Association in the Parade and Best Banner Party. Pictures of the Certificates are shown below.

Best Association 2008 Best Banner 2008
Best Presentation The Parade